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Distraught mother details cost of her son's life-saving insulin in viral Tiktok


Jan. 15 2021, Updated 9:20 a.m. ET

For one of the richest countries in the world, the United States sure has a complicated healthcare system that leaves a ton of citizens in debt. In fact, despite having the highest medical costs in the world, the US ranks dead last when compared to other industrialized countries with comparable care: we're constantly beaten out compared to Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

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What's most troubling is that these costs are usually seen across the board for both in and outpatient procedures and medical costs, something that many Americans deal with daily. Now, a teary-eyed mother's hopeless plea on the internet where she vented about the frustrations associated with being unable to afford her son's life-saving medication is resonating with a lot of other people all around the country.

What has hit so many people in Katherine's video is the fact that she wasn't asking for anything: she didn't make an impassioned plea for donations, nor did she rally against insurance providers she just had one question: "How are you guys making it?"

She says that both she and her husband work full-time jobs and that she goes to school during the day and works the third shift to help take care of her and her family.

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While many people flocked to discover the identity of the woman and donate money to help her care for her child and afford the medication that he desperately needs, as he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and needs insulin injections every two hours, people pointed out the "dystopian" nature of the video she made out of pure despondence.

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She thanked the generous strangers who sent her money, but throngs of commenters online couldn't express their astonishment at the fact that life-saving pharmaceuticals, which are for the most part manufactured in the United States, cost as much as they do in the USA.

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Others pointed out that other developed countries were able to make their Universal Healthcare systems work for them, so there really isn't an "argument" against the system's proposed efficacy in the United States.

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The issue of Universal Healthcare has been a highly politicized issue in American for quite some time, with plenty of government leaders proposing their own plans for years. Senator Bernie Sanders has a track record of lobbying for a "Medicare for All" plan and is still pushing for it.

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He had gained traction and support from DNC counterparts, but when it came time to vote for the act, there were some infamous "backtracks" that caught the attention of many major media outlets. Most notably, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris' decision to distance herself from eliminating private healthcare from the US, despite previously advocating for the "Medicare for All" plan.

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Now that the DNC has control of both Congress and the Senate, many Americans are saying that nothing is holding the political party from finally implementing the social wellness programs that they've been advocating years for, and there are more than a few Americans, and fellow politicians who are reminding Democratic leadership to make good on their promises.


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