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People are calling out "hypocritical" politicians first to get COVID vaccines


Dec. 21 2020, Updated 4:40 p.m. ET

At the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became pretty clear that the coronavirus was fast becoming a hot-button political issue, which was only fed by the initial "flip-flopping" of the CDC on the efficacy of wearing cloth masks to help stop the spread of the virus. Even for months after the CDC reverses its position on mask-wearing, the WHO cautioned against the prolonged usage of wearing masks. 

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Now, however, the overwhelming majority of healthcare professionals and medical governing bodies strongly encourage individuals to wear masks in an effort to help curb the transmission of COVID-19 from person to person. And many folks are commenting on a similar acceptance trajectory occurring with the announcement of the vaccine developed to help immunize individuals from this particular strain of the coronavirus.

In addition to all of the memes and social media post conspiracy theories about the true "origins" of the COVID-19 vaccine and some inimical large-scale plot to microchip people for whatever purpose (if you are afraid of being tracked and monitored then we hate to break it to you, your smartphone does a pretty good job of that already) some prominent politicians have vocally expressed their own distrust of a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Now that the first batch of vaccines have become readily available with throngs of individuals getting their immunizations already, some folks on Twitter have noticed that there are some governmental leaders who either previously criticized vaccinations or downplayed the severity of the coronavirus pandemic are now getting themselves vaccinated.

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One such politician is Iowa Senator Joni Ernst who tweeted an image where she was being injected with her first dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine. The tweet was met with a litany of different responses. Some individuals applauded her for setting a good example and demonstrating the safety of the vaccine. Others questioned her decision to take the first batch of immunizations willingly.

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And then there were several people who called out the "hypocrisy" of Ernst for previously "mitigating" COVID-19 fatality rates but still getting the vaccine anyway.

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And then there were individuals who thought that she was "jumping in front of the line" and taking up a vaccination spot that might have saved the lie of someone who needed to take the immunization first; someone who was more at risk for not only contracting COVID-19 but dying from it.

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For the most part, individuals were upset that Ernst had suggested doctors were intentionally "bloating" the numbers of COVID-19 deaths so that they could turn a profit and then, herself, received a vaccine for a disease that she said doctors "lied" about to make it seem more severe than it "actually" was.

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The coronavirus has reportedly killed approximately 318,000 Americans as of this writing, with 94% of those who have been killed by COVID-19 suffering from pre-existing conditions. Reuters published a report that explains the finer details of comorbidity that pushes against the claim COVID-19 isn't "as fatal" on its own, as many individuals tried to downplay how fatal it is by pointing to the 6% of individuals who were otherwise healthy who had died from "only" COVID-19.


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