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Hobby Lobby faces boycott after photo of pro-Trump display goes viral



People are calling for a boycott of Hobby Lobby after a photo of a pro-Trump display went viral. While it's unclear whether an employee or a customer was responsible for the display, the photo was met with outcry online.

Twitter user Kari Brekke shared a photo of the display on social media, showing decorative letters arranged to read "USA Vote Trump." The photograph appears to have originated on a Facebook group for supporters of the Lincoln Project.

Brekke told Business Insider that she did not know who had arranged the display. However, Twitter users were quick to point out that it could have been a customer who rearranged the letters.

"We're all aware that customers re-arrange these letters all the time, right?" one user asked. "Call my old fashioned, but I prefer to be outraged at Hobby Lobby for making it so that employers can decide what kind of healthcare their employees can get."

Others called for a boycott of Hobby Lobby over the photograph. "I haven’t shopped at Hobby Lobby since they denied female employees birth control coverage," one user wrote. "Here’s the icing on the cake."

Another added: "Hobby Lobby refused to shut their doors when Covid was at its worse, it doesn’t offer health coverage for all employees and worst of all they are all in for Trump 2020."

Others seemed to support Hobby Lobby over the photograph. "Time to shop at Hobby Lobby," one user wrote. "I always knew there were more reasons I love this store.  Hobby Lobby rocks!"

Hobby Lobby faced backlash in 2012 for refusing to provide access to contraceptives for employees. CEO David Green supported President Trump in 2016, citing religious reasons.

"I thought I had a better choice, but when I didn't have a better choice, and I had two choices, I knew there was only one that I felt like we would continue to have religious liberties," Green told Fox Business. "That was the issue, without any question for us. We want to operate our company and our lives with religious liberties."

"We're hoping that we have more religious liberties, because it seems as though they're eroding," Green added. "That's why we're glad we have a new Supreme Court Justice that we think will be on the side of religious liberties. Obviously, we were in [Trump's] court at that time. We were very pleased with that decision that Donald made."

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