Grandma makes granddaughter's Christmas sweater homework a reality and her reaction's adorable


Dec. 30 2020, Updated 10:15 a.m. ET

Christmas Sweaters are usually the butt of hackneyed joke routines and festive holiday parties, but there's also something undeniably wholesome about them. Almost a rite of passage. And in the case of this grandma and her granddaughter, they managed to be pretty darn cool and wonderfully heartwarming.

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Julie Cordiner was spending time with her grand-kid, who showed her a lovely Christmas sweater that she had designed as part of a school assignment. Because grandparents are pretty much angels on earth who want nothing more to see their grandchildren happy, Julie had an idea: why not make the little girl's sweater dreams a reality?

Thankfully, that was entirely in Julie's hands, quite literally because she's a skilled knitter. So skilled that she was able to meticulously recreate the drawing in real life. Yes, she actually managed to knit a perfectly-sized Christmas sweater for her granddaughter that was identical to the one she made for her assignment.

Like any proud Grandma, Julie uploaded the final product to Twitter, where social media users went absolutely ballistic.

Well, as ballistic you can get over a sweater.

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The best part is that Julie did all of her knitting work on the DL: her granddaughter had no idea what was waiting for her. The young girl was handed the homework ahead of her school's "Christmas Jumper Day", so her Grandma had her work cut out for her, as Julie wanted to ensure that the kiddo would be able to rock her new festive article of clothing.

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Julie's tweet included photos of her granddaughter's surprised face and a beaming smile as she modeled off the knitted piece. The Grandma wrote, "My granddaughter had homework to design a Christmas jumper, so I decided to try to create it. The look on her face when she opened it was priceless! Merry Christmas everyone."

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People were absolutely floored by the level of dedication and the love that was clearly poured into the sweater. It even got folks thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts about their own family members who did similarly wonderful things for the little squirts in their own family: "Aww! So thrilled she’s on tip-toes. My daughter (nearly 18) has started wearing a jumper my gran knitted for me 37 years ago. Love in every stitch."

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If you're wondering how "Ugly" Christmas sweaters started as a trend, it actually began in the '50s. Both CNN and Time reference that holiday-themed motifs on sweaters began appearing in ads during this time, and that they were also known as "Jingle Bell Sweaters."

But in all reality, the fuzzy, uber-warm, Yuletide sweaters were probably being painstakingly crafted from grandmas well before that.

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Many believe that they started becoming a "joke" in the '80s especially on TV, and it wasn't long before popular sitcoms were making the articles of clothing a popular fixture of their Christmas-themed episodes.

Julie was absolutely floored by the positive response that her sweater was getting on social media, and thanked everyone for their kind words. Personally, I'd like to thank her for being such an awesome grandma.


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