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Europeans overwhelmingly want Biden to beat Trump, poll shows


Oct. 9 2020, Updated 9:01 a.m. ET

Europeans overwhelmingly want former Vice President Joe Biden to beat President Donald Trump in November. YouGov asked thousands of adults from countries across Western and Northern Europe for their opinions on both presidential candidates, and who they want to win in November.

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The survey asked the opinions of 1,745 adults in Great Britain, 2,245 adults in Germany, 1,027 adults in France, 1,018 adults in Denmark, 1,013 adults in Sweden, 1,071 adults in Spain, and 1,017 adults in Italy. All of the countries mentioned believed that Biden would beat Trump in November, and all of them also wanted Biden to beat Trump in November.

Here's how the countries ranked when asked "who do you want to win the US presidential election in 2020 and become the next president of the United States?"

  • Great Britain: Trump, 13%. Biden, 61%. Undecided, 26%.
  • Germany: Trump, 11%. Biden, 71%. Undecided, 19%.
  • France: Trump, 14%. Biden, 64%. Undecided, 22%.
  • Denmark: Trump, 6%. Biden, 80%. Undecided, 13%.
  • Sweden: Trump, 18%. Biden, 65%. Undecided, 17%.
  • Spain: Trump, 16%. Biden, 69%. Undecided, 15%.
  • Italy: Trump, 20%. Biden, 58%. Undecided, 22%.
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All of the countries also believed that former Vice President Joe Biden has run a more honest campaign that President Trump. When asked if both candidates had run a "mostly honest" campaign, only 7% of respondents in Great Britain said that Trump's campaign met that description. On the other hand, 30% believed that Biden had run a "mostly honest" campaign.

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The mood was similar in Germany, where 68% of respondents said that Trump's campaign has been "mostly dishonest." This number compared to just 12% of respondents who believed that Joe Biden's campaign has been "mostly dishonest."

Europeans are also concerned that the election may not be free and fair. In Denmark, only 38 percent of respondents said the November election will be either "completely" or "mostly" free and fair. On the other hand, 42 percent believe that the election won't be free and fair.

This concern comes as President Donald Trump continues to bash mail-in voting ahead of the election. President Trump claims, without substantial evidence, that mail-in voting will result in electoral fraud. President Trump has also suggested that he may not accept the result of the election is he loses in November.

"On top of this, across a clutch of six areas – international relations, climate change, coronavirus, economics, terrorism, and peace – in every country, on every measure, people across the seven European markets surveyed tend to think that the Democratic challenger would do a better job than President Trump," YouGov explained further.


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