Ellen once tweeted she felt good about making an employee 'cry like a baby'



With all of the people getting canceled over old tweets, it's hard to imagine that anyone even creates a new account on the social media platform anymore. Seriously, the tagline for the company should literally be: "You will lose any job you love in 10 years." OK, that may be a bit extreme, perhaps most people could just not tweet horrible things, or make remarks that will someday come to bite you in the behind.

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The trouble with being a comedian, however, is that old comments can and will be used against you if your name ever gets dragged through the mud in the future. With the case of Ellen DeGeneres and the "toxic" workplace environment that many employees are calling her out for, however, there are many people who believe that the criticism the TV show host and her production team's receiving is warranted.

There's been a lot of discussion, both from former guests of the TV show and die-hard viewers who've followed her career for some time, about how much Ellen's known about the stressful and "abusive" workplace that's been created on the set of Ellen. Actor Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond has openly said that the tense and mean-spirited nature of the show is no secret, and that everyone involved in making the program from the top down were cognizant of these issues.

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As is often the case whenever someone comes under the microscope after being involved in a controversy, folks head to social media to scroll through their archives of tweets, comments, and replies to see if there was any hint of their accused behavior, some breadcrumb of cancel-worthy commentary they can then use against this individual. And that's what people believed they secured once they discovered this quip Ellen made on June 5, 2009.

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In a tweet referencing an incident that had occurred at work, Ellen tweeted, "I made one of my employees cry like a baby on today's show. Honestly, it felt good."

Given all of the drama surrounding Ellen and her supposed treatment of employees on her show as of late, that looks like a pretty damning tweet right there. So why did she publicly make that comment, and what's the story beyond the worker she made cry? 

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Again, Ellen's a comedian, so there's always the possibility that she was just making an edgy joke online that happened to not age well, but as it turns out, her tweet was indeed linked to an on-air incident on Ellen.

It just wasn't a negative one that so many knee-jerk reactions online believed it to be.

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That's right because if people took a few seconds to Google the date of the tweet and the Ellen episodes surrounding the controversy behind the tweet (but who actually reads entire articles, let alone claims people are making on the internet anyway) they'd see that Ellen was actually referring to surprising one of her workers with an all-expense paid cruise trip that made a longtime staff member, Jeannie Klisiewicz, so happy she cried.

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Of course everyone was more than happy to enable their caps lock and begin piling the hate on the host, presumably taking a break from watching teenagers with immaculate make-up drop mayonnaise on their face while trying to balance a jar on their head and dancing on TikTok.

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What's more is that most people are still referencing the tweet, given all of the bad publicity surrounding Ellen.

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If folks are quick to dunk on the TV show host, there are plenty of other personalities' accounts of working with her that they can reference, like when Australian on-air talent Neil Breen said she wouldn't look him in the eye during a segment where she visited the country's version of Today.

While a lot of the "controlling" behavior of Ellen's team was mostly attributed to the producers, Neil found the entire situation "bizarre" as there were tons of last-minute plan changes, not to mention it was weird how all of her workers laughed at pretty much everything she said.


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