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Man installs electric fence to keep kids off his lawn and people are divided



As the saying goes, "kids will be kids." But one man in Henrico County, Virginia, has had enough of kids being kids. As the school year began, residents made an unusual discovery in their neighborhood, one man had erected an electric fence, and once they saw the solar panel next to it, they figured out that it was electrified.  

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According to WRIC, the fence was just a few inches away from the corner of East Berry Street and South Wilson Way in Henrico, where several students from both middle and high school stand and wait for the bus every morning.   

Source: WRIC
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The owner of the property, Bryan Tucker, told WRIC that be put the electrical fence around his yard because he grew tired of students trespassing on his property and littering. He assumed the fence would keep the children away, but it quickly resulted in parents calling Henrico Police as there was no sign warning that the fence was electrified.  

"It's insane," one resident said. Another added: "Someone said it was electric, I was like whoa."

"What you don't like kids?" asked Wayne Milby. "Me, I'm a parent and I don't want any children to get electrocuted."  

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In response, Tucker said: "I'm not in charge of other people's children," said Tucker. "I'm not directing other people's children what to do. All I can do is protect myself and that's why I've got a fence up. Show me what's the truth, you know everybody's just giving me different words." 

Tucker added that he had previously tried no trespassing signs, but they did little. "It says no trespassing for any purpose," said Tucker. "Strictly forbidden. Violators will be prosecuted."   

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Henrico Police called Public Works, to figure out whether or not the fence encroached on a county easement. The county determined that the fence was indeed on an easement, which makes it illegal. Tucker was asked to take the fence down. Tucker is allowed to put the fence back up if he stays within the limits of his property.  

Tucker said that he fully intends to keep the fence up no matter what his neighbors think about it. 

Unsurprisingly, there's been quite a mixed response to the fence online. 

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What do you make of this situation?  


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