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Source: Getty Images

Daniel Craig defends Phoebe Waller-Bridge when interviewer suggests she's a 'diversity hire'


In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, actor Daniel Craig defended Phoebe Waller-Bridge against the interviewer, who suggested she was hired to co-write the new James Bond film No Time to Die to make the movie more inclusive. Craig insisted Waller-Bridge's gender had nothing to do with it. 

No Time to Die hasn't exactly been easy to make. For a while, it wasn't clear whether Daniel Craig would return as James Bond in the new movie. Of course, he's back now, but No Time to Die will be his last Bond film. Lashana Lynch may not be the next Bond, but she will reportedly take up the helm as the new 007 in the movie, before Craig's Bond is called out of retirement for one last mission. 

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the question of who will be the next James Bond. Some aren't happy a black woman will be 007 at all; others believe Lynch's casting doesn't go far enough to diversify the Bond universe. That's the conversation The Sunday Times wanted Craig to indulge in this recent interview.