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New study says boomers are more sensitive than millennials


A new study has found that baby boomers — people born from 1946 to 1964 — are more hypersensitive and have more narcissistic tendencies than younger generations. The outsized viral reaction of boomers to the "OK boomer" meme seemed to prove that, but now, it's official. It's science that boomers are more likely than millennials to be  "snowflakes," to use a word they seem to love.

The study, which was published in Psychology and Aging, focused on narcissistic behaviors and tracked how they changed in people ages 13 to 70. Nearly 750 people participated in the study. William Chopik, associate professor of psychology at MSU and lead author of the study, told Science Daily, "There's a narrative in our culture that generations are getting more and more narcissistic, but no one has ever looked at it throughout generations or how it varies with age at the same time."