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22-year-old man blasts family online for not getting him enough Christmas gifts


The Cringetopia sub on Reddit had a field day roasting a 22-year-old-man who went online to talk smack about his family for the underwhelming amount of Christmas gifts they gave him.

Whenever I meet adults who are basically overgrown children, I'm a bit conflicted as to who to put the blame on. Surely, their parents/guardians/environment played a huge role in how they ended up the way that they did.

But then again, if you're a grown-ass individual, there are plenty of examples of how one should behave freely available pretty much everywhere. Books, TV shows, movies all provide prime archetypes for what's considered socially acceptable behavior, and on the flip side, what sort of manners are reviled and deemed reprehensible.

Sadly, this dude didn't make those distinctions after all his years on earth.