Reddit reveals the best kept 'industry secrets,' some are too cool not to share


Jun. 12 2024, Published 1:29 p.m. ET

Every industry has its hidden truths, known only to those who have worked in that specific field. Sometimes these secrets are kept intentionally. Other times, they're only secrets because people never would have thought about them in the first place.

Still, knowing some of these lesser known aspects of certain jobs or businesses might help us dispel certain myths, gain new appreciation or simply expand our world view. Plus you can wow all your friends at the next party with your VIP intel.

From the affectionate side of veterinary care to the subtle manipulations in theater seating, here are some intriguing secrets shared by insiders on Reddit.

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Veterinary staff often go above and beyond for their patients.

User i-likebigmutts, an ER veterinarian, shared that pets often receive positive attention from the staff when hospitalized:

"I’ve had kennel attendants and techs cuddle up with patients on their breaks, myself and colleagues have made phone calls or typed up records while holding on to your pets, we routinely talk about how cute the patients are (in fact, it’s a running joke that we would get fired immediately if we worked in human medicine)."

Theater seating is more strategic than it seems.

User bryson430 revealed that:

"Theatre Seats aren’t all the same size. Some are narrower than others - we use a variety to manipulate the “sawtooth” arrangement so that you look through a gap between heads not straight into the head of the person in front of you."

This clever design maximizes the viewing experience, even if it means some seats are less comfortable than others.

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Speaking of theaters…

Movie theater popcorn's distinctive flavor comes from a product called Flavacol, as revealed by prezuiwf.

"It's a salt-like additive that you can buy yourself and add to your popcorn at home. A carton lasts forever because you only need like a teaspoon of Flavacol per cup of kernels, and it's indistinguishable from the popcorn you get at the movies."

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Musicians have their own tricks to ensure a lively crowd.

BangBangBartsBitch shared a clever strategy used by a guitarist: asking everyone to come to the front for a group picture before starting to play, which keeps them on the dance floor. Another user, Some_Dot_9609, mentioned that a DJ used this tactic at their wedding, leading to an unforgettable night of dancing.

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In the hiring process, job "requirements" are often more of a wish list.

User bigboisbotleo, who used to screen resumes for small companies, shared that passion and enthusiasm can sometimes outweigh specific qualifications.

"Never let some unchecked boxes deter you from applying - you have no idea what the applicant pool is like."

Privacy concerns are not unfounded.

User bliss_jpg explained how personal information is compiled across different platforms:

"If you give one website your name, another website your number, and another website your email, there are services that merge info together by scanning the web and build a profile of you for ad targeting and sales."

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Even in the plus-sized fashion industry, appearances can be deceiving.

User highcaliberwit shared that "some plus-size models get liposuction on their face and necks to be more aesthetically pleasing." This revelation, supported by scribbling_des's observation that many plus-size models seem to carry less weight in their faces, exposed the lengths to which the industry goes to create a certain look.

Hospitals are not as secure as one might think.

User martinfendertaylor bluntly stated, "Hospitals suck at cyber security." This was echoed by ThePatrickSays, who described the cybersecurity field as an "eldritch horror," with innumerable threats and often uncooperative gatekeepers.

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Nutrition labels on small, lesser-known brands can be shockingly inaccurate.

According to Human_Cranberry_2805,:

"Once you send your food product out to a lab to have a nutrition label created for it, that is the last time anyone is ever going to check it. It would take someone to pay for a new analysis at a lab to see if the percentage of qwar gum, for example. is still accurate, and nobody is going to do that."

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