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Teacher shares hilarious texts she received from students after giving them fake babies



Students at Chippewa Secondary School in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, are learning the trials of parenthood with fake babies. If you didn't do this kind of thing at your school, it's basically an attempt to terrify teenagers into never having a child. 

As you can imagine, it's not going very well. Teacher Andrea Lefebvre took to Facebook to share some of the hilarious texts she'd received from students about the babies and they range from teenagers asking if they can stash their baby in their bag, or if they can turn it off. 

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Lefebvre explained: “Our students are in a grade 11 class called Raising Healthy Children. The students bring home one of the Real Care babies for the weekend to apply their learning for the caring for a newborn unit.” 

No, you can't put your child in your bag.  

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Please shut off my baby, it won't stop. 


She's not dead yet.

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This one is way too accurate. 

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"I really need a quiet time because he won't stop whimpering and I've tried everything and it's been going on for an hour." 

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They don't stop.

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Unfortunately, the babies aren't waterproof. 

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Parents seemed to find the text exchanges pretty hilarious, with one writing: "I wish I would have know about that emergency shut off a long time ago!!! Can you still use this feature when they are teenagers???"

While another added: "At times, I wish I could put my child in my bag so I don't have to carry my clingy 3 year old daughter."

Another user shared a similar experience: "I had one of these baby’s in middle school and on the way home the bus was going more slowly after school. So the kids asked why we were going slow over the bumps and stuff. My mom the bus driver reply’s 'I’ve got my grandson on the bus' never have I had over 40 people turn around and look so quickly."

One user concluded: "Oh my god. I never experienced parenting classes when I was in school. I’m almost positive I would’ve been like at least two or three of these students if I had though. Full time parent to a new born is by far the most exhausting, frustrating & emotional (yet rewarding) experience I’ve been through so far." 

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