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Guy posts revolutionary way to strain your pasta and people are losing it



I don't like cooking pasta. It's not because I don't like pasta, that's a horrible lie. I could eat the stuff with just butter and die a very happy carb-filled man.

I don't cook regularly cook pasta because I will put myself into an early grave. But in the rare instances I do cook it, apparently, I've been going about it very, very wrong.

Because I've been using a colander incorrectly by pouring my spaghetti into the colander itself. This is wrong. Because apparently you're supposed to use a colander as demonstrated below. 

That's right, your pasta is now in its original pot, where it belongs, so you can season it and mix it around with sauce and other accoutrements to your heart's content. You can thank Doug Hagler for sharing this revolutionary knowledge, as many people on Twitter already have. 

Unsurprisingly, people were pretty blown away by the idea. 

Doug's post really changed the game. 

But other people weren't buying it. 

Is this all just a clever ruse to get people to buy more pasta strainers that fit our specific pots and pans? 

Which straining method are you going to pick?