Mom's hilarious hack for toddler tantrums goes viral


Jul. 2 2024, Published 11:34 a.m. ET

Tantrums, a staple of the "terrible twos," are a well-known challenge for parents of toddlers aged 1 to 4. These emotional outbursts can be difficult to manage, especially when they happen frequently. While many strategies exist to deal with these meltdowns, Alivia Cromartie’s unique approach is making waves on social media.

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Cromartie, a mother from Georgia, has adapted a behavior commonly seen in dogs known as "Zoomies." Zoomies, or Frenzy Random Activity Periods (FRAPs), are when dogs suddenly burst into energetic running. Cromartie applied this playful technique to calm her 18-month-old daughter, Icey, and it worked wonders.

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In a TikTok video that has gained over 15 million views, Cromartie shows how she uses Zoomies to turn Icey's tears into laughter. The video begins with Icey upset and crying. Cromartie then starts running around in circles, which quickly distracts Icey and makes her giggle. The video ends with a heartwarming hug between mother and daughter, leaving viewers both entertained and touched.

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Cromartie shared with TODAY that Icey’s tantrum was triggered by hunger. “Icey gets cranky when her food takes too long. I knew I needed to act quickly to avoid a full-blown meltdown,” she explained. “I’ve even done Zoomies in grocery stores, running up and down the aisles. The key is distraction, and it works every time.”

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Since posting the video, Cromartie has received a flood of positive feedback from parents who have tried her technique with success. “It works!” they exclaim. “People are surprised, but it really works,” Cromartie added. One Instagram commenter said, “This is wonderful. My babies loved to laugh and it saved us from many meltdowns.”

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Another inspiring story comes from Destiny Bennett in Las Vegas. Bennett shared a TikTok video of her calming her 5-year-old son during a tantrum. In the video, her son is visibly upset as they leave the house. Bennett soothes him by expressing her love, gradually calming him down. This tender moment, captured by their door camera, shows the power of gentle and understanding parenting.

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Bennett, a mother of three, emphasized the importance of acknowledging children’s feelings while teaching them to cope with disappointment. “Sometimes I have to use every bit of my energy to stay calm and not let my own emotions take over,” she wrote on Instagram. “Not every technique works every time, but showing love and support is crucial, even when things don’t go as planned.”

These stories highlight the effectiveness of creative and compassionate parenting techniques. While each child and situation is different, Cromartie’s Zoomies and Bennett’s loving approach offer valuable inspiration for parents. By staying calm and using innovative methods, parents can help their children manage their emotions and strengthen their bonds, plus, you might score a few laughs!

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