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Librarians are mocking all the people who annoy them at work



The library feels like a warm, welcoming place where you go to be gently shushed and read in a place that smells like mildew. But behind the scenes, librarians are just as annoyed by customers as any other retailer. Perhaps more.

Twitter user @metafrantic tweeted a photo from a library of a display of red books with a banner that pokes fun at people's habit of asking a librarian to help them find a book based on its color. 

This is apparently a common library troll, as someone else shared a photo of a wall of blue books. "Lolz my library did this too. I took a photo because we used to get this question all the time when I worked at a bookstore,"they wrote. 

Apparently, the phenomenon is so widely known, there are even comic strips about it.

But some librarians are impressing the internet with over-the-top identifying skills. "My proudest moment was working in an episcopal library of 200,000 books, someone asked for 'that book about bishops with a yellow cover' and I got it straight away *even though it was purple*," one person shared.

Another even added a funny anecdote: "YEARS ago at Waldenbooks I relabeled the New Age shelf "Blue and White Books About Light." It took a few weeks but one day while at the register I heard it, from way in the back of the store: my manager giggling uncontrollably." 

Source: twitter
Source: twitter

Other librarians and book store folk chimed in to say what bugs THEM about all the people coming in for help: 

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Source: twitter

But my favorite is this comment that indicates not only do people ask for books by color, but they mostly seem to ask for red.  

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Do they think that makes the book more attractive? 

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