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People are baffled by Redditor’s claim that 'middle airplane seats are the best'


Jun. 12 2024, Published 1:18 p.m. ET

Few things can unite all humans together quite like the universal loathing of middle seats on airplanes. Being sandwiched between strangers is almost no one's idea of a good time. Plus it's next to impossible to lean or stretch out anywhere, especially if you're tall. You'd have to be crazy to think that this type of seating would be ideal…right?

Turns out, one Reddit user, u/mybossthinksimmormon, has taken a brave stance, claiming that the middle seat is, in fact, the best seat on an airplane. The bold post, which has gathered a significant amount of attention, outlines several reasons why this seemingly undesirable spot is actually preferable.

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"The middle seat is the best seat on an airplane. I prefer the middle seat on airplanes with the assumption that the two strangers are not crazy," the post begins.

This person then listed the multiple advantages of middle seating, such as not having your shoulder and leg bumped by every person walking by—a common aisle seat dilemma—or having easier bathroom access compared to the window seat. Plus, they said that middle seats have the most legroom after takeoff, since "switching [the personal item under your legs] gives you more legroom than the other seats."

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Additionally, the middle seat supposedly offers the best AC fan, and there's less awkwardness when receiving snacks from the flight attendants. The post concludes with, "It's fun to sit in awkwardly when the aisle seat is a no-show but the window seat is still there."

Naturally, this unconventional viewpoint sparked a lively debate.

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"Sitting in the middle seat when the aisle seat is fully open is diabolical activity," wrote u/FatalPancake23, echoing the sentiment of many users who found the original post outrageous. Another commenter, u/MetalFull1065, declared, "Aisle seat is best 💯. Especially for someone like me with the tiniest of bladders."

Long-time frequent flyer, u/superuserdoo, added a dose of practicality: "Use to fly 50+ domestic and a few internationals a year for a few one can convince me aisle seat is the wrong answer."

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There were also a lot of arguments from #teamwindowseats. u/SwallowsOnSundays waxed poetic about the joys of aerial views: "We take for granted the insanity of air travel. One of the coolest things in the world is to see the ground from 30K feet in the air. Crossing over mountain ranges and oceans is mystifying!"

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Adding a dash of humor, u/FanciestOfPants42 noted, "Just the thought of that made me unreasonably angry." This sentiment was echoed by u/szu, who compared the middle seat preference to unwelcome bathroom behavior: "OP is like the guy that goes to the urinal next to you in the toilet when there are 5 others available."

On the flip side, some users did acknowledge the logic behind the original post, albeit begrudgingly. u/MrUltraOnReddit humorously conceded, "It's ok, guys. We need a few insane people in society that do stuff like this so the rest of us don't go insane from sitting in the middle."

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And then there was the user u/chill_winston_ who gave the OP a pat on the back for taking one for "taking one for the team and has a good attitude while doing it. 10/10."

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Still, many questioned the OP's sanity, including u/toronto_programmer who said, "OP is Satan and the end times are near."

The OP maintained their stance amidst the backlash, even adding a lighthearted comment: "It is true, but the replies have me giggling way harder. But I do stand by my middle seat claim."

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And according to The Vacationer, the OP might not be so off-base after all. The site says that this seating might actually be ideal for those with anxiety around flying, since sitting between two other people can provide a sense of comfort. Plus, since midle seats tend to be cheaper, smaller individuals looking to save a few bucks might find them preferable.

Regardless of where you stand on this age-old debate, this viral thread discussion encapsulates the essence of what the r/unpopularopinion subreddit was meant to be—a place where genuinely controversial takes can make you reexamine your opinions…or at least give you something to laugh about.

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Next time you book a flight, remember this thread and maybe give the middle seat a second thought. (it's okay, we know you won't)

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