Dad explains how he 'protects' his daughter by taking her into the women's bathroom


Nov. 30 2020, Updated 9:22 a.m. ET

While some states have made great progress in improving the child changing stations in men's bathrooms, many still lag behind. In 2018, father Charles Mau went viral when he shared the disgusting conditions he had to change his daughter.

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That's why Chronicles of Daddy blogger Muhammed Nitoto recently decided to share his solution to the problem: taking his daughter into the women's bathroom instead. In a viral Instagram post, Nitoto explained that he does so to "protect" his daughter from "all things that aren't for them, and the men's bathroom is 100% one of those things."

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"As a dad being out with daughters I never thought the bathroom would become as big as a issue as it is," Nitoto explained. "Usually we would go places and they have FAMILY bathroom which are meant for people with children but what I found was most places don't have them and Dads are left to decide between taking their daughters to the men's bathroom or the women's."

Nitoto shared his experience with changing his daughter in the men's bathroom.

"Now when first hit with this choice I did what most men would do which is, I went to the Men's bathroom. Now I've been to a men's bathroom millions of times but walking in with your daughter makes you look at it completely different. Men's bathrooms are DISGUSTING. They smell like pee and nothing is setup for a woman or a person with a child. The changing table was right next to the urinal which means my child literally would be next to where men pee which she's being charged. Not to mention that their are men going in and out while you're in their."

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"After doing that 1 time I decided I'd never take my daughter's to the men's bathroom again. I use the women's bathroom when I'm out with them. They are too young to go on their own so I have to go in with them."

Nitoto explained that he always knocks first and announces himself if anyone is in the bathroom, ensuring that they're ok with him coming in.

"I try to be as respectful to women as I can while doing so which consists of knocking on the door before entering and announcing myself. Making sure if someone is inside that they know I am a Dad coming in with his daughter and making sure they are comfortable with that."

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"Now once inside our stall I still am aware of the door and whenever I hear it open and someone new is coming in I announce myself again and make sure they know I'm inside with my child so that they aren't surprised."

"Women's bathrooms are so much cleaner and setup prefect just incase they have children," Nitoto concluded. "The changing station is usually insure a stall instead of just in the open and it's always clean. As a girl dad I can't help but want to protect my daughter's from all things that aren't for them and the men's bathroom is 100% one of those things. Am I the only one? Ladies how does this make you feel?"

Many parents seemed to relate with Nitoto's experience, with one explaining: "Totally, I'm a single mum to boys one of whom is autistic and even though they're getting older I still take them to the ladies with me. I've had comments about them being too old (7 & 6) but I want them to be safe and I don't feel comfortable with them going into a men's bathroom alone nor will I go into one if they call me for help. Family bathrooms are a necessity and decent changing facilities cannot be overlooked. Well done for stick to what is safe and comfortable for you and your child."

While another added: "That makes me feel so much pride in you and so much gratitude on behalf of your daughters. I would feel more than comfortable with a man in the bathroom if he behaved the exact way you said you do when entering and occupying a female space. Your daughters are lucky to have you. A men’s bathroom is definitely not the space for a young girl."


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