Carpenter keeps trolling entitled customer who keeps making unreasonable demands



People are cracking up at the way this carpenter handled a rude customer who kept insisting on an impossible deadline for a custom table to be built.

Once upon a time, I used to "help out" fellow college students with their research papers. Sometimes the help was a little more involved than others and for the most part, barring two scary close calls, I had great customers who liked my work and everything was fine.

But every now and then I'd get someone who'd frantically approach me on campus or email me asking to have a 10-page research paper on a topic I'd never even heard of that was due the next morning. They'd be demanding, demeaning in their request, and balk at the prices I'd give them, which were pretty low to begin with.  

Then, even after warning them I couldn't promise a decent grade due to the time frame, they'd come back demanding a refund if they got a C or B on the paper. 

So I can understand where this carpenter is coming from when he had to interact with a client who was interested in having a custom desk built for them. Bored Panda spoke with Abs Delfuego, who owns a workshop that specializes in building arcade cabinets and gaming set ups, especially for disable clients. 


Abs was contacted by a customer inquiring into the turnaround time for a custom-built rig.

He explained to the man that he couldn't finish the desk in under two weeks, but the prospective customer didn't like that answer. So they pushed back a little and asked if there was any way they could get it done sooner.

When the carpenter reiterated his stance, the guy thought he'd try some coercion. 


Seems that the dude texting him knows this guy's boss or manager and threatened to kill his whole business if he didn't fix the desk in a shorter amount of time. A total d***bag power move that he was copying from whatever gangster movie he was watching the night before. 

The "Mark" that the guy's referring to is someone Abs works with: "Mark is the general manager of a company that contracts me to build stuff for the disabled community. They rebrand them and sell them." 


So then he called up Mark and then explained the situation to him, Mark confirmed that yes, it would still take 2 weeks to get the table made. This is where the prospective customer starts to get a little shaky and then turns their ire away from the fact that the guy couldn't get the desk done in the time he wanted and instead gets upset at the fact that the dude "snitched" on him. 


For Abs, dealing with annoying clients is all part of the process:

"I get unreasonable clients on average every second day. The best way to deal with them, in my opinion, is to be polite but ruthless, not petty."

And he was politely ruthless indeed. 


Mark eventually reached out to Abs to look into the situation some more. The entitled kid wanted to know why the contractor was being "rude", so Abs kindly obliged. 


It turns out that the "golden boy" was sorry and even reached out to Abs to apologize, but it was a conditional apology: he still wanted his cabinet in an unreasonable amount of time. 


And then the kid pulls the whole, "Do you know who my dad is?" routine, but he should've known better. 


The youngster gets super emotional and starts throwing a text tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants. 


He apologizes over and over again, but it's definitely all for show: this kid just really wants his arcade cabinet. 


That's when Abs decides to get one last troll in, just to really set the young man straight. 


And it works beautifully. Unsurprisingly, the kid throws another text tantrum. 


Man I hope my kids don't turn out like this. 

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