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This company makes cardboard tanks to help your cat conquer the world



You may think the Illuminati secretly rules the world, but it's actually cats. Cats have been treated like gods since the start of human civilization, whether it was the ancient Egyptians or those of us in the modern world who would do anything for our furry friends.  

And to conquer the world, cats need cutting-edge military technology. That's why Suck UK creates awesome cardboard gadgets you can buy for your cats.  

Source: suck uk

Their posting on Amazon reads,

"These fun and playful toy houses for your cats are designed to add a sense of adventure to their daily lives about the house. Why spend an afternoon relaxing in a boring, plain old box, when there's the opportunity to become a life saving fireman, thrilling tank driver or LA socialite?!"

"Sit back and have a giggle at your cat 'doing human things' and help keep them away from clawing your favorite sofa!"

"These cardboard playhouses come in various humorous designs; the Tank, the Catillac, the Fire Engine, Plane, and for those kitties with a bit more style, the Cabin and Tepee."

"There's no need to glue or tape and they easily fold away if you need a bit more space around the house."

Just look at these guys having so much fun... 

Source: suck uk
Source: suck uk
Source: suck uk

They even have a plane, every army needs an air force after all.  

Source: suck uk

As you can probably imagine, people are loving the vehicles, though their cats are still turning them down for plain cardboard boxes. One customer writes: 

"A few weeks down the line, they both play with it but not as much as the huge cardboard box I got for free from a supermarket... But I like it, so maybe that's what counts! It does look impressive, with color printing on the inside and outside." 

Source: suck uk

And they don't only do vehicles. Your cat could be a superstar DJ, too.  

Source: suck uk

Or they can cruise in style... 

Source: suck uk

They can even camp in style.  

Source: suck uk

As cute as this is, should we really be giving cats weapons to destroy us?  

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