Awesome dad actually built the 'Bi-Chair' for his bisexual daughter



There's a bit of a meme in the bisexual community that none of them can sit in a chair properly. Sitting straight up with a rigid back flush with the chair? Yeah, that's for straight people. To get an idea of this, you just need to take a quick glance at Twitter, where the memes are flowing. 

"Bi culture is not sitting properly," one user wrote. While another added: "Gay culture is sitting like this whenever you're in a chair for absolutely no reason," even posting some examples from pop culture. 


This meme is so prevalent within the community that Brazilian artist Má Matiazi doodled off a design for the "Bi-Chair" way back in 2016. Má posted the idea to Instagram, and it's described as a chair "designed for people who can't sit straight." 

Source: Instagram

Now, one father is being applauded after he actually built one of these chairs for his bisexual daughter. Israel Walker is a Starbucks barista and former member of the Air Force who learned about the "Bi-Chair" from his bi, nonbinary daughter. 

He thought the design was pretty funny and seemed to fit his daughter pretty accurately. So, he pulled the ultimate dad move and reached out to Má to ask if he could attempt to actually build the "Bi-Chair." She said yes, and Walker got to work. 

He shared the finished product on Facebook, and it's a masterpiece. 

Source: Facebook

Speaking with Daily Dot, Walker said that the finished product had to step away from the design a little. It's a little rougher and has shorter, unfinished arms. Since he made the chair in wood, he also had to get rid of the slope between the seat and the knee rest, and simply use a cutout. 

Even with the adaptions to bring the chair to reality, it really does do Má's design justice. And yes, his daughter loved it. 

Source: Facebook

Unsurprisingly, Facebook commenters loved the design. One user wrote: "Anyone who sits in this chair has a lot on their mind (their crushes and headcannon ships.)"

One user even asked if Walker could make them a "Pan-Chair", writing: "Can the Pan-Chair be one where you can change it to whatever position? Cause I'm constantly going from one sitting position to another."

Another suggested: "Put something that will make the chair reversible (like sitting the other way around) and I’ll buy one tomorrow!"

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