Astonishing stories of people finding things they thought were gone forever


Jun. 11 2024, Published 11:01 a.m. ET

The world is a wild place, full of twists and turns, and sometimes, those turns lead us back to things we thought we had lost forever. Recently, we asked our audience on Facebook, "Have you ever found something you thought you'd lost forever? What was it?" The responses were a heartwarming mix of the poignant, the surprising, and the funny. From lost jewelry to rediscovered confidence, here are some of the most memorable stories shared by our readers.

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Deb M. shared an incredible tale about her daughter’s beloved childhood stuffed Bunny. “My daughter lost her favorite childhood stuffed Bunny when she was around four years old. We looked everywhere... A few years later, she spotted it while out with a friend at a local mall just sitting on the mantle of the Christmas display like one of Santa's misfit toys. I went to the mall with her to see for myself, not really expecting it to be the same stuffed animal. Because it was so well-loved, I had sewn a replacement head over the original one, so I knew I would recognize it. Sure enough, that was her Bunny. The security guard was more than happy to let us take it home. The mall was converted to individual stores later that year, so if she hadn't spotted it when she did, it would have been lost for good. My daughter is 30 now and still has Bunny.”

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Some stories were filled with humor and light-heartedness. Laurie T. said, “I found a bra I'd lost in with my Christmas decorations once.” Kayla M. shared a similar stroke of luck, “I lost my glasses once when I slipped on ice walking to my train one morning. It was snowing heavily and they were buried before I knew they were gone. I was walking home from the train about 3 months later, in spring, and my glasses were lying on the ground on the opposite side of the lot I was walking through!”

Rae R. and Cecile C. brought a touch of introspection to the conversation. Rae reflected on finding deeper parts of herself: “My self-worth, my ability to feel joy and hope and safety, my freedom.” Cecile, on the other hand, quipped, “My sanity. Oh, no, never mind, it's gone again.”

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Some found sentimental treasures that carried personal histories. Becca A. recounted, “My class ring. Lost it shortly after moving out of my mom's house. Made peace that it was gone after not being able to find it for 2 years. Was moving out of my apartment and stopped for one last look before leaving and saw something shiny catch my eye under the baseboard heat register. It was my ring. I spent a lot of money on a custom ring that didn't look anything like a typical class ring so I could actually wear it forever and with everything. Haven't taken it off since, except for 2 days when it was being repaired after the main stone came loose lol.”

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Jessica F. had a touching discovery, “Just this week: my mother’s childhood hand mirror. It fell behind the drawer of the bathroom vanity.”

Lost jewelry was a common theme. Jennifer G. found “confidence and strength,” while Antoine D. humorously noted he had found “my dignity.” Claire H. N. shared a neighbor’s good fortune, “My next door neighbor lost an emerald engagement ring 4 years ago. Her husband removed a shrub by their front door last week and she saw a glint in the dirt - it was her ring!”

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David S. experienced a heartwarming find, “A CD of a cantata my late husband sang a solo and spoke in. It had been missing for years and I would periodically search for without success. 6 months after he passed, I had just moved and was obsessed with finding it again. While I was thinking and praying for it, I opened a random drawer and there it was. It felt like a gift from him.”

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Shannan I. recounted a tale of a precious Disney memento, “My daughter got a necklace from the Princess Breakfast at Disneyland if you know anything about it it’s not only a very pricey thing that we likely won’t ever do again and you could only get the necklace there but it’s also a wonderful experience. My daughter felt so special wearing her big girl necklace. I was so careful with it and when we got home I could have sworn I put it in a keepsake box that I had made to put all of our Disney treasures in but it wasn’t in there the next time I checked. We searched everywhere for it with no luck. Almost a year and a half later I noticed out of the corner of my eye it was hang with my other necklaces (I rarely wear them anymore) I guess I put it with my jewelry to keep it safe So happy I found it!”

Then there were those with a touch of the absurd, like Chip K., who shared, “Had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. One 'Grand Prize' egg had a $20 bill inside it. The kids never found it. I scoured the yard and I never found it either. Fast forward THIRTY years and I was pulling a dead bush out of the front of my house. I saw something purple sticking out of the ground. It was the Easter egg. And yes, the $20 bill was still inside, dirty, but intact!”

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Some finds brought back pieces of their identities. Melanie J. recounted, “On two separate occasions I’ve lost my nose ring in a swimming pool and both times I’ve managed to find and retrieve it.” And Mindy D. shared, “My mom's ring.”

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Finally, Sue S. captured the essence of these unexpected reunions: “My gold necklace I had for years fell off my neck And I didn’t realize it til the next day, I had gone shopping to several stores, figured it was gone. Weeks later I found it among the tall decorative grasses in front of my house, I saw the gold glint for a second!”

Whether it’s a long-lost ring, a cherished toy, or a piece of one’s self, finding what was once thought lost brings a unique joy. These stories remind us that sometimes, just sometimes, what’s lost can indeed be found.

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