9 incredible inventions that would change our lives if only they weren't impossible


Jul. 10 2024, Published 4:59 p.m. ET

Imagine a world where teleportation, self-cleaning homes, and universal translators exist. We asked our Facebook audience to share the inventions they wish were real, no matter how impractical. Here are some of the most creative, funny, and thought-provoking responses.

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The teleportation device

Many people dream of instant travel, and a teleporter is at the top of their list. Kristen S. said simply, "A teleporter," echoing the sentiment of sci-fi fans everywhere. Janet S. M. added, "I'd be popping around the country to see family & friends all the time." The convenience and excitement of teleportation captivate the imagination, making it a beloved fantasy.

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The public volume knob

Noise pollution is a common annoyance, and Adrian E. wishes for "a public volume knob" to control it. This idea sparked a lively discussion. Laura K. humorously suggested adding "a kid muter remote," and David H. joked, "It does! It's called a hearing aid." Despite the jokes, the desire for a quieter public space is clear.

A dream recorder

The idea of recording and watching our dreams fascinates many. Joffre M. simply stated, "A dream recorder." This invention would allow us to explore our subconscious and revisit the surreal landscapes of our minds. Beth D. even compared it to a concept from a Japanese film, showing the broad cultural appeal of this idea.

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The self-cleaning house

A clean home with no effort? Yes, please! Julie C. dreams of a "self-cleaning house," a sentiment echoed by many. Savannah B. took it a step further, wishing for "a dishwasher that would clear the table and return the plates to the cabinets/utensils to their drawer." The fantasy of a spotless home without lifting a finger is universally appealing.

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The all-in-one laundry machine

Laundry is a chore most people would love to automate completely. Kasey B. K. envisions "an all-in-one laundry machine that washes, dries, and folds." This idea sparked several replies, with Amanda T. noting that while machines that wash and dry already exist, they still need to perfect the folding part. Debbie R. added humorously, "And if it will put them away, bonus points."

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Instant shield from germs

In today's health-conscious world, Jennifer H. wishes for "an instant shield that activates whenever someone sneezes around me without covering their mouth." This invention would provide peace of mind and protection in crowded places, making it a popular wish among germaphobes.

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Memory playback device

Reliving our memories on a screen sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. Cookie M. wants "a way to tap into your memories, and relive/watch them on a screen from your perspective." This idea received mixed reactions, with Mary K-K. expressing concern about seeing bad memories, while others, like Lori M., enthusiastically supported it.

Portable money printing machine

For those who lean towards practicality, Ifigenia F. B. dreams of "a portable money printing machine." While clearly impractical and illegal, it reflects a desire for financial freedom and security.

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money machine

A kindness spray

In a world that could use more kindness, Emily L. wishes for "a spray that makes people decent and kind." This simple yet powerful idea resonates deeply, highlighting a collective desire for a more compassionate society.

These inventive ideas, though impossible, reveal our hopes, dreams, and the changes we wish to see in the world. While we may not be able to teleport or have a self-cleaning house just yet, imagining these possibilities brings a bit of joy and inspiration to our lives. What impractical invention would you add to the list?

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