14 seemingly silly life hacks that actually work


Jun. 18 2024, Published 7:55 p.m. ET

Life hacks are often met with skepticism and dismissed as silly or impractical. But sometimes, the most ridiculous ideas turn out to be game-changers. Whether it's saving time, money, or making life easier, these hacks might just change your life.

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A Reddit user, 730throwaway, took to the platform to ask: "Whats a stupid life hack that actually worked out?" From unconventional ways to remember names to smart shopping tips, here are some of the best ones, complete with the wisdom of the Reddit community.

Get In-State Tuition Without Waiting a Year

"Moved to another state and wanted to attend the state university. You had to live in state for a year before being considered a resident. The tuition was a lot more for non-residents. I read the fine print and it said if you own a business you would be considered a resident immediately. I got a business license for my new business, Green Thumbs Landscaping Company, mowed my neighbors' lawns and saved a ton." - u/Jaded_Ad_9409

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Boost Your Positivity with an Unexpected Habit

"Carry a wide laundry basket in your vehicle; put all your groceries in that, making bringing them inside a one-trip move." - u/BraxPlays

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"As someone that lives in a highrise just buy a collapsible wagon. They are effective and it is a one time buy." - u/Fallacy_Spotted

The Secret to Staying Calm and Collected

"I was trying to be more positive in general. So I began small, simply complimenting every Ford Transit van I drive past. A dozen times a day I’d say to my self, “huh, nice Ford Transit”. I picked that car because of a Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear joke years ago. Since then I’ve found my self quicker to compliment others and finding more positivity in the mundane." - u/Redrumjam

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Learn More Before Getting Reactively Angry

"When someone you like or respect does something confusingly infuriating, imagine the most-favorable-to-them possible explanation, and pretend that's true. Wait until you know more before getting reflexively angry." - u/CoconutAngelox

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"Yesterday, in traffic, someone overtook me, into the path of a bus, then cut in... then surprise, surprise... further down the road she stopped in my building's loading bay. I was about to rage... then she shouted to the porter/guard, 'I'm about to pee myself!' Instantly defused me." - u/plantmic

Three Simple Simple Things Can Solve Most Of Your Problems

"If you feel like you hate everybody, eat something. If you feel like everyone hates you, get some sleep." - u/5akul

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"And if you feel like you hate yourself, take a shower!" - u/taulivir

How Complimenting Yourself Transforms Your Day

"I used to jokingly put myself down until the day I realized I had started believing it. I immediately started telling myself, 'wait, fuck you, you're not an idiot, you're actually smart' or whatever I had immediately started insulting myself with. It works. I regained my confidence." - u/GreenOnionCrusader

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"Okay this might sound silly… I call myself 'baby girl' in my head. Especially if I feel like berating myself. 'Come on baby girl it’s time for bed, long day tomorrow' Vs 'Come on dumbass get off your phone and go to bed!' It also lets me feel more genuine cus I can say it in a head shaking way 'oooh baby girl why did we do that' vs saying something to myself that I don’t really believe, and just lets me frame it in a tone like I would to a friend or someone I care about dearly. The rest of the sentence coming out nicer just kind of happens naturally if I start with 'baby girl'" - u/hyrulehunny

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Tidy Up Before Bed for a Better Tomorrow

"Take two to ten minutes to tidy up your home before you go to bed. The next morning, you'll feel way better not having to look at all the junk/things you still have to do." - u/SeriousqueenOX

"I do the same thing when I am going to go on vacation. Clean up the house extra nice. When I get home, it is a pleasant surprise." - u/SpoonFed_1

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Foolproof Tricks to Remember Names Instantly

"When you’re trying to remember someone’s name, think of a stupid mnemonic. Even if it doesn’t make sense. I once met a guy named Lance, and I remembered he was Lance with the pants, even though there was nothing remarkable about his pants." - u/rnilbog

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Game-Changing Hacks for a Better Bathroom Experience

"Bending your knees up using a little stool to support your feet while pooping. It has changed my life." - u/CharmingAngellx

"Someone on Reddit once mentioned rocking forward and back to get it moving out & I’m very grateful. I should also get the knees up stool too." - u/dissembler2

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Start Your Day with Gratitude and See the Difference

"In the morning while showering or getting dressed think about the things you are grateful for. It will help you start the day with a better mindset. No guarantee it will last, but it helps to start." - u/Human-Magic-Marker

"You know how when you're thinking about buying a certain type of car, you start to see that type of car everywhere? That's because your brain tries to show you what you're focused on. So, if you focus on what you're grateful for, you'll tend to see more things to be grateful for." - u/soberdude

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Shave on a Budget

"If you push a razor on the surface of a pair of jeans 10-15 times (opposite way you would use it to shave) it sharpens the blade and you can keep using it. You just have to run it under really hot water to sterilize and clean it after. I haven’t bought a replacement cartridge for my Mach 3 in months, and I shave my head 4-5 times a week." - u/matthewrodier

"Also, dry the blade after using it. Adds weeks, if not months, to the life of a blade." - u/spooninthepudding

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Remove Carpet Stains with a Random Household Item

"Using shaving cream to remove carpet stains. I thought it was a dumb Instagram video trick, but it actually works really well." - u/AffectionatePen277

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Limit Snack Options

"Keeping only fruit as snacks next to my computer. When I'm sitting at my desk, and the closest thing is an apple, I'm usually too lazy to get up for anything less healthy." - u/wyrd_werks

The Sleep Trick

"Waiting 1.5 to 2 hours before drinking any caffeine in the morning is way more effective than first thing." - u/Simply_BT

These life hacks might sound silly at first, but they've made a significant impact on those who swear by them. Give them a try, and you might be surprised at how much they improve your daily life.

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